Why is Sector 67 A emerging as the new hub of Gurugram?

In last week's massive downpour and the subsequent floods that marooned Gurugram, one thing became clear- the city requires much better infrastructure to become a competitor to Silicon Valley. For that, Gurugram needs to expand evenly beyond the regions bordering Delhi and to new areas on the border. Areas such as Sec 67 A hold the key to this expansion, as they boast of the facilities, infrastructure, and green space that the city sorely needs. The visionary leadership of 4S Developers foresaw this and established their first project in this sector. Aradhya Homes has become one of the main reasons why people are now flocking to this part of the city. Many more such projects are in the pipeline, and Sec 67 may become one of Gurugram's real estate hotspots in the next few years. Let's explore in detail the primary reasons for this projected tectonic shift in the Millenium City.

Ansal Versalia, a township that symbolizes liveable Luxury

Ansal Versalia, a premier low-rise development in Sec 67, promises an assortment of everything that a high-end buyer requires. A choice of homes from villas to independent floors, well-planned infrastructure, and low density of homes, make it an enclave of serenity amid the hustle and bustle of Gurugram. The Ansal group's reputation and collaborations with players such as 4S Developers have ensured that residents have flocked to the area. They have also been mostly satisfied with the move, and positive word of mouth is boosting the popularity of the township, especially among NCR's crème de la crème. The emergence of new trends in the real estate market, such as the increased popularity of luxury independent floors, has led to an exodus toward projects such as Aradhya Homes.

Delightfully Well-Planned Infrastructure

With the monsoon and climate change playing havoc across India, infrastructure and planning have become major issues in the discourse around our cities. Buyers now realize that a luxury home in an enclave surrounded by abject roads is not something that deserves their attention. So, they are now shifting their focus to areas that prioritized the creation of transport, power, and water infrastructure. It is in this aspect that Sector 67 scores above all its surrounding sectors. Due to the focus on planning and the creation of infrastructure, residents find that shifting here is a seamless process. Facilities such as power backup offered by builders also ensure peace of mind for residents. Water supply and other essential facilities are also provided to ensure a good quality of life for the residents. The roads of the sector are wide and well-paved, and connectivity is improving every month. With a proposed metro station close by, the area is expected to become one of the new transportation hubs of Gurugram. This focus on planning has reaped rich rewards for both the developers and regions of this locale.

Gorgeous Greenery All Around!

In NCR, especially in the winter months, the atmosphere becomes unbreathable because of many factors, including a toxic mix of stubble burning, fog, and vehicular pollution. During the lockdowns, people realized that a life without pollution is possible. The quality of air that you breathe is now a key talking point for them before they choose a home. Because of these reasons, the citizens of Gurugram want to move to the greener areas of the city and are willing to move to hitherto unexplored locations. Communities such as Aradhya Homes with acres of verdant greens are seeing a lot of traction as they can provide a much better standard of life. Due to the low population density of the locality, the number of vehicles is less, leading to lower air and sound pollution. An enclave of greenery is the least that a buyer desires, and he or she is willing to pay a premium for it too! The well-settled areas of Gurugram are a concrete jungle, and can never compete with Sector 67 in this aspect.

Seamless Access to the Best Schools, Hospitals, and Malls

The reason why residents hesitate to move from the premier areas of a city is that they do not want to lose access to the finest school, hospitals, and malls. Everyone desires the best that the city can provide in terms of health and education. The future of their children is an important consideration for a family, and access to high-quality schools can assuage these concerns. If a location scores well on these parameters along with connectivity, then you have a winner on your hands! Sector 67 is a well-situated locality that is a short drive away from the city's premier IB/ICSE schools, and malls, such as the Urbana Mall. HUDA City Center, Gurugram's most important metro station is only a short drive away. Hospitals such as Fortis and Medanta are nearby so access to top-notch medical facilities is guaranteed. Thus, the location of Sector 67 ensures access to the best facilities in the present and the future.

Aradhya Homes- Peace of Mind guaranteed!

Marrying the most premium amenities in the city with its highly desirable location, the Aradhya Homes project has a lot going for it. The low-density low rise theme of the township means that it is an enclave curated for the select few, who deserve to enjoy Gurugram's finest living experience. Residing in such a community gives the residents the leisure to enjoy the tranquil environs of the ample green spaces in the vicinity. Spending time on activities such as yoga and meditation allows the residents to focus on inner peace and happiness. The gated community features independent luxury floors starting at a price of INR 1.75 Crore, thus providing the best value for your investment in the whole city of Gurugram. It is not surprising that residences at the enclave are selling out like hotcakes. If you want to experience the difference, please give us a call or send us an email. It will be our pleasure to introduce you to Gurugram's finest homes in person!


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