Aradhya Homes- The Enclave of Your Dreams- Part 1

Gurugram is a shining icon of India's growth story, as it has emerged from humble beginnings only in the past two decades. In our country, most development activities were restricted to the major metro cities, and the other parts of the country were eft struggling. However, things changed after the policy of liberalization was adopted in the 90s. Due to the software boom, Gurugram is among the Indian cities that emerged out of the shadow of the metros. Cosmopolitan and open to Indians of all castes and creeds, these cities are developing a culture all their own. As the city grew, so did its real estate industry and players such as 4S Developers made sure that people needing a quality home always found one in their residential projects in Gurgaon.

For a lot of people,owning a home in a city such as Gurugram is not just worth it, as the uber-luxury options are out of their reach, and everything under that just did not justify the high cost. Thus, they were happy paying exorbitant rents and living a life of uncertainty, while praying for their needs to be met by arel iable real estate company in Delhi NCR. Like other software industry cities such as Bangalore, our Millenium City needed dependable options for the techies to invest in. That is why, when luxury projects such as Aradhya Homes were launched, we got such a magnificent response from the customers for our luxury independent builder floors in Gurgaon. These enclaves justify every penny of their entry price with the range of amenities and the quality of construction. In this series of posts, we will explore some of the qualities that makeAradhya Homes such a sought-after and trusted option in the residential real estate segment of Delhi NCR.

Value For Money 4 BHK Builder Floors in Gurgaon

Almost everyone knows someone who has a horror story about buying a floor from builders in Delhi NCR.The reasons for these bad experiences are many. There are numerous builders that offer 4bhk flats in Gurgaon, however, the quality of their offerings is questionable. Sometimes the construction is poor, and sometimes there are legal issues. There have been so many instances of the same independent builder floor in Gurgaon being sold to multiple buyers. That is why people are not willing to trust an unknown real estate company in Delhi NCR with their hard-earned money.Another major issue why customers don't opt for these flats is that financing is not easily available. Once a reputed bank agrees to finance a flat, then the end-buyer has a reasonable degree of confidence in the legal status of the building. However, due to the dubious methods used by many fly-by-night builders in Delhi NCR to acquire land, banks don't easily agree to lend money to these projects. With banks not willing to provide their authentication, the builders cannot charge the money they need to make a profit, thus making it a vicious circle for the buyer and seller alike. The enactment of the RERA legislation has also made it difficult for such properties to find buyers as they don't conform to the law. Thus, many of the lower-priced builders cannot compete with Aradhya Homes, a reputed enclave from a well-regarded developer.

A company such as 4SDevelopers is trusted for transparency and finesse in execution. An offering from a builder of this level would generally be out of bounds for the middle class of the city. However, due to the commitment of the founders to bring real change in the real estate industry of Delhi NCR, our pricing is within reach for a customer looking for independent builder floors in Gurgaon. At Aradhya Homes, a Luxury 4BHK Independent Floor in Sector 67 A starts at only INR 1.85Crore! When you get quality like a DLF, at a price point that such a company cannot match, then customers can even ditch stalwarts like that for the new emerging name in the real estate space. Such is the charm of the Aradhya Homes projectfor buyers in Gurugram. That is why our sales desk is always drowned withqueries from potential customers, and channel partners! The quality of lifestyle that a resident enjoys at Aradhya Homes is well worth the price, and that is why every phase of this project gets sold out in a record time for anenclave of this size!

Powering a World of High-End Amenities for Residents

The reason why Delh is till commands a premium over Gurugram and Noida is that many real estate companies in NCR are not able to provide even basic facilities to their buyers.Power is a major issue in the satellite towns of Delhi, as residents face power cuts lasting for hours due to the weaker position of distribution companies intheir respective states. Delhi's power supply has been privatized, and the result is there for everyone to see. Power cuts are a thing of the past in thecity, and due to the famous subsidies given by the government, almost every citizen gets access to power. In contrast, the situation in Gurugram is very different. Here, almost every independent house needs an inverter, and the quality of the power supply leaves a lot to be desired.

Thus, any project offering 4 BHK builder floors in Gurgaon needs to provide 100% power backup,otherwise, residents just will not tolerate it. At Aradhya Homes, we ensured that a reliable power backup is ever present so that your lives are never stopped by a power cut. Due to this assurance, the final phase of our luxury independent floors in Gurugram is also selling like hotcakes! Contact the Aradhya Homes Sales Gallery immediately if you want to invest in our project. If you feel you can wait, then we have another project lined up for you. Amor, our second uber luxury project, is expected to debut soon, and set the luxury real estate segment in NCR on fire!


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